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My name is Antonio Burgos, I was born in Barcelona and I have studied at Almeria.


I have always been passionate about interior design, I believe that each place has its own life and knowing how to find harmony between people and spaces generates something UNIQUE.


Have you ever entered a place that left you speechless?


Everything that is needed to achieve something like this is a good eye, years of experience and the dedication to turn a room into a place you never want to leave.


Since 1998 my creative and professional approach has allowed me to design and help my clients to give another version to their spaces.


Currently I carry out decorating projects anywhere on the planet, thanks to friends and clients all over the globe, I like to learn from any place and person and today with technologies we can reinvent ourselves to work as we never imagined.


As your personal interior designer, I will guide you online through the entire design process and I will work closely with you to understand what you imagine and make it REAL together.

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